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 Mobile Impact Crusher

 Mobile Impact Crusher

product description:

      Back-breaking mobile crushing station, configuring high-performance crusher, high crushing efficiency, versatility, excellent crushing product quality, lightweight and reasonable structure design, excellent crushing performance. Reliable and stable quality assurance, to meet the widest range of coarse, medium and fine crushing and screening material requirements for our new and old customers to establish a good reputation for quality, not only mature technology, simple operation and maintenance, but also for traffic, materials abrasive particle size and have good adaptability and safe reliability, easy installation and integration of the unit configuration reasonable maintenance. For the configuration of the unit has a high durability and higher working age.
      ● High Performance PF series impact crusher.
      ● integration of high-performance crusher vibrating screen, belt conveyor.
      ● sieve belt conveyor, crusher integrated vehicle installation.
      ● Steering traction axis, to facilitate road transport and venues in depth.
      ● vehicle installation support, site stationed fast and convenient device.
      ● vehicle-mounted motor and control box integration.

Technical Specifications of Mobile Impact Crusher

Transport dimensions
Length (mm) 10800 12200 12500
Width (mm) 2480 2743 2900
Height (mm) 4170 4200 4200
Weight (kg) 28800 31500 39600
Axle weight (kg) 15900 17200 22100
King pin weight (kg) 11300 14300 17500
Impact crusher
Model PF1010 PF1210 PF1214
Feed opening (mm) 400×1080 400×1080 400×1430
Model 4YK1235 4YK1545 4YK1548