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Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Separator

product description:

     Magnetic separator is one of the most widely used, highly versatile models in the industry, is suitable for re-use powder iron removing mitochondria and the like. Magnetic Separator is widely used recycling timber, mining, ceramics, chemical, food and other factories in. Magnetic separator is suitable for particle size below 3mm manganese ore, magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore, ilmenite and other materials wet or dry magnetic separation, it is also used in addition to coal, non-metallic minerals, building materials and other materials iron work. Magnetic separator magnetic system, the use of high-quality ferrite material or compound is made with rare earth magnets, drum table the previous average magnetic induction 800-4000mT. Due to the development of technology, can be made into a roll-like magnetic separator, the magnetic field strength is increased to 8000mT. Found already it is the highest magnetic field intensity.

working principle:

     After the ore slurry to flow into the tank box, under the action of water to the mine water pipe, a loose mineral particles to enter the tank to state mine. Magnetic field in the magnetic mineral particles magnetically together and form a "magnetic group" or "flux", "magnetic group" or "flux" in the pulp by the magnetic force to the movement of the magnetic poles, which are adsorbed on the cylinder . Since the polarity of the magnetic poles along the direction of rotation of the cylinder are alternately arranged, and fixed and at work, "magnetic group" or "flux" with the cylinder rotation when due poles alternately generate a magnetic stir phenomenon, is mixed in the "magnetic group" or "flux" in the non-magnetic gangue minerals falling down flip, the final surface of the cylinder is sucked in "magnetic group" or "flux" is the concentrate. Go to concentrate magnetic system with the cylinder edge magnetic minima, unloading mine water discharge flushing action of water flow is discharged to the concentrate tank, if it is full magnetic magnetic roller, brush roll unloading ore is carried out. A non-magnetic or weakly magnetic minerals are left in the pulp with the pulp discharged outside the tank, that is tailings.


     The product has a simple structure, large capacity, easy to operate, easy to maintain.

Technical Specifications of Magnetic Separator

Model Diameter of Barrel (mm) Length of Barrel (mm) Rotary Speed(r/min) Feeding Size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw)
CTB6012 600 1200 <35 2-0 10-20 1.5
CTB6018 600 1800 <35 2-0 15-30 2.2
CTB7518 750 1800 <35 2-0 20-45 2.2
CTB9018 900 1800 <35 3-0 40-60 3
CTB9021 900 2100 <35 3-0 45-60 3
CTB9024 900 2400 <28 3-0 45-70 4
CTB1018 1050 1800 <20 3-0 50-75 5.5
CTB1021 1050 2100 <20 3-0 50-100 5.5
CTB1024 1050 2400 <20 3-0 60-120 5.5
CTB1218 1200 1800 <18 3-0 80-140 5.5
CTB1224 1200 2400 <18 3-0 85-180 7.5
CTB1230 1200 3000 <18 3-0 100-180 7.5